D-Bol: Benefits, What To Expect And Side Effects

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid. Most people call it D-Bol for slang. When bodybuilders, athletes and regular people buy D Bol, it’s because of the many benefits it offers. Here’s the benefits, what to expect when using it and what its side effects are.


One of the best things about using Dianabol is it helps you add bulk, regardless of how difficult it is for you to gain it naturally. In other words, you can be a hard-gainer and still pack on a lot of solid muscle mass with Dianabol.

Strength gains is another benefit of using the steroid. It increases a person’s strength by a lot. It is very common to go from lifting what a person currently lifts to being able to add up to 20-50 pounds to each exercise within 4-6 weeks. This is a reason why people bulk up fast with Dianabol.

Users can expect to workout with more intensity. D-Bol is known for providing users with more energy, stamina and endurance, which equals intense workouts. If you want to give it your all at the gym, then you need all the energy you can handle, and D-Bol provides such energy.

It also affects people’s moods. Many people find they are more confident and they feel good while using it. However, it can cause people to become aggressive and angry from out of nowhere (mood swings), which is the case with all steroids.

What To Expect

You can expect to gain weight week after week. If you’re a beginner or a novice steroid user, you’ll like gain around two-pounds per week for the next six weeks. However, some people have packed on as much as 30-50 pounds off a single 4-6 week cycle of D-Bol. In short, you can expect to gain serious muscle mass and look like a beast within a few short weeks.

Side Effects

The drug is horrible for the liver. If you continue to use D-Bol for extended periods of time, then you may experience issues with your liver. It may lead to the development of liver cancer.

The weight you gain from D-Bol can lead to added stress on your heart. In turn, you could suffer from cardiovascular issues, including an increase for heart attacks and strokes to name a few.

You could go bald while using the steroid and your reproductive system could take a hit. In other words, there’s chance you won’t be able to have kids because of the damage the drug can potentially cause.

Another bad side effect that D-Bol can cause is breasts. If you’re a man and you take this drug, you could very well end up with breasts by the end of your cycle.

Those are only a handful of the potential side effects the steroid can cause.

Is There A Legal Alternative

Dianabol is illegal and dangerous. Thankfully, there are a number of supplement companies that have created supplements formulated to mimic Dianabol’s effects. The big difference between legal supplements and Dianabol is the legal stuff doesn’t lead to the same serious side effects that are caused by real Dianabol.

Finding legal D Bol for sale is far easier, safer and less riskier than looking for real Dianabol. If you want to achieve the results D-Bol are known for providing users, then take a legal alternative such as D-Bal from Crazy Bulk. After a four week cycle of D-Bal, you will look and feel like you did a cycle of the real stuff.