4 Anabolic Steriods And D Bol Supplements That Can Speed Up Bodybuilding

Once you catch the bodybuilding bug, you become addicted for life. However, just because you are committed to a lifetime of fitness does not mean that you want to wait a lifetime to see any big changes. From an anabolic steroid that can help you to achieve stronger muscles faster to OTC supplements that can help you to more naturally build the body of your dreams, here are 4 can’t-miss drugs and supplements that can lead to better gains (and, in turn, a better body) in less time…

D Bol

D Bol is a wildly popular anabolic steroid that works to help you increase both strength and gains to ultimately get you where you are going quicker. This drug is also known to increase energy supplies which can serve to make squeaking out more reps easier… which, of course, could lead to even bigger gains. If you bulk while on D Bol, you will see even BIGGER gains so be sure to keep up with those healthy calories and protein during your cycle.

D Bol for sale can be found almost anywhere online, however, that does not mean that every site sells the real deal simply because they claim to. When you buy D Bol, remember to always do your research on the pharmacy you are using and know who you are buying from. This ensures that you can get through the legal hoops required to obtain an anabolic steroid like D Bol legally.


Creatine can be found naturally in raw meats and fish… however, nobody wants to eat raw meat. (Even if it tasted great, it would still be dangerous, containing potentional nasties like parasites and food borne germs.) Creatine powder packs the same amount of creatine as a whopping 15 pounds of raw meat. Energizing your muscles, creatine helps you to get more out of your endurance and performance in the gym… and this can lead to bigger gains.

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone, also known as HGH, is a lesser used drug that can do many of the same things that drugs like D Bol can… minus some of the harder side effects. HGH is the same hormone that helps adolescents grow stronger and taller during puberty. Aside from lean muscle mass gains and extra energy, HGH can also smooth out wrinkles and help you to lose a little extra weight. You will still need to pair the intake of this hormone with a great diet and exercise routine. (Some people claim that you can lose weight on HGH alone, but it is simply not true. You will still need to nix that steady consumption of donuts to get real results.)

Branch Chain Amino Acids

BCAA works to promote muscle protein synthesis inside of your body, increasing your muscle gains over a period of time. In addition to this, branch chain amino acids have also been known to be used to prevent energy drain in beginner athletes as well as to speed up recovery rate post workout.

Bodybuilding is an exercise in both muscle and science which are both ingredients to better gains. Whether you opt to buy D Bol to see bigger results or something more natural like creatine, supplements can help to enhance your already hardcore efforts, making for a better body in a faster amount of time.