Anabolic Steroids: Masculinization Effects On Women

Women need to be careful if they plan on taking anabolic steroids. This class of drugs are known to produce effects that are detrimental to health. It can also reverse physical characteristics usually attributed to the female gender. Remember that these steroids mimic testosterone so it isn’t surprising that masculinization can occur. Each individual will have her own tolerance level for these side effects.

Excessive Hair Growth

A common example is an unusual increase in hair growth. This can be observed throughout the body, both in places where hair is already present and areas where they were previously lacking. Facial hair, for instance, may become obvious above the lips and around the chin. Those in the arms and legs may grow much faster than before. These are superficial and can be remedied through shaving or other preferred methods of removal. The frequency will have to increase to keep up.

Breast Reduction

Another possible outcome is a reduction in breast size. This is exactly the opposite effect compared to men who are taking steroids. They often exhibit an increase in chest size whereas women have to deal with a shrinking chest. Some might actually be happy about it while others will be distraught at their increasingly masculine figure. All of these are happening due to the hormonal effects of the drugs.

Deepening Voice

Steroid use can be detected not only through what is seen but also through what is heard. In this case, the drug affects the voice of its users. Men tend to develop a higher pitch when speaking which can be quite awkward. Women, on the other hand, develop a deeper voice as they grow an Adam’s apple. The change is unmistakable. Again, how this is taken will depend on each case. Some might welcome the shift while others may be worried, especially if they use their voice for work such as singing or dubbing.

Abnormal Menstrual Cycle

Steroid intake can also wreak havoc on the menstrual cycle. A regular cycle is one of the best indicators of good health in women. It shows that hormone levels are within normal levels and the body is balanced. Steroids can alter this with the introduction of testosterone-like chemicals. Those who would like to get pregnant should avoid this. Consult a doctor if difficulties arise.

Make Your Workout More Fun With Adult Basketball

Did you know a 200-pound man can burn nearly 300 calories playing just one thirty minute game of basketball? According to MyFitnessPal, that’s true! That’s a darn good workout and a lot of fun, too.

Just because you’re grown up and have a job and a routine doesn’t mean you have to let go of all the fun stuff you did in your younger years. Playing basketball competitively is one of the healthy activities that you can keep up, and doing so, combined with D bol for sale means an improvement for your health. You’ll not only burn calories, you’ll also get a great cardiac workout that helps keep your heart healthy. Playing basketball also helps you:

Everyone knows it’s all too easy to head to the bar or a local restaurant for happy hour after work. A long stressful day calls for an adult beverage and some greasy food, but unwinding regularly in that way can really hurt your health. Get a group from work to meet you at your local gym for a half hour game of adult basketball, instead. Even a friendly game with a low score is healthier than a happy hour. You don’t have to be the next Lebron James- simply running and throwing the basketball around for thirty minutes, accompanied by a good anabolic steroid will help you stay healthy.

You can also look around for a team that needs a new member. Joining a team with people you don’t know gives you a good social group of people who are just as interested in competition and staying healthy as you are. Adult basketball is an excellent way to meet people who have the same interests as you.

If you’re already going to the gym, but just looking for a way to make your daily routine more interesting, adult basketball could be the answer. As previously mentioned, it’s a good workout, and it’s a social one. Running on a treadmill or lifting weights can get very repetitive and very boring, but a game of basketball is going to will make you want to return and challenge people again next week.

Basketball is also a good way to use up a half hour at the gym if you’re waiting for a child’s class to finish up. Burn off some of your pent-up energy from the day with your own activity. Kids don’t have to be the only ones having fun at the gym!

Adding adult basketball to your workout routine has multiple benefits, no matter your skill level. As long as you’re moving on the court and having fun, basketball is a positive addition to your workout routine. Try it out today, buy Dbol, and reap the benefits.

Extra tip

When you work a full-time job, juggle a family, and still manage to make time for your weekend plans, chances are you’re struggling to find the time for a good workout. Regardless of whether you’re busy or not, it’s important to stay in shape.

Try Squats

Squats are perhaps some of the most adored workouts because they target an area that everyone wants to be fit: The glutes. But they don’t stop there. This full body workout also targets your core, quads, and hamstrings. They even help with your balance.